Healthcare Financing

Finance Your Healthcare Practice

If you run a healthcare practice to serve your community, then you need working capital from Amerisol Financial. Healthcare financing can help you achieve your business goals so you can better promote health and wellness for your patients. Our 72-month terms have no upfront payments and have uses including those listed below.

Easily Lease Medical Equipment

The diagnostic and treatment equipment your practice needs is usually too expensive to purchase outright. Instead, you can finance up to 50% of your soft costs with our program. We offer multiple payment options to best cater to your needs.

Quickly Pay Your Debts

Moving multiple bill payments to one makes good financial sense and can also reduce your stress. If you qualify, we can let you know within 24 hours and your debts could be paid off within the week.

Smoothly Acquire New Practices

One way to grow your medical practice is by buying out a partner or acquiring others in the area. We offer up to 100% financing for projects of this type.

We Can Help Your Practice Grow

You want to focus on your patients, so let us focus on your finances. To apply for healthcare financing, contact our office today. A financial exert can answer your questions about how to get more working capital.