Small Business Loan

Our Small Business Loan Approval Process Is Fast and Easy

Do you need an additional source of working capital for your small business? Before you go through the lengthy process associated with a bank loan, contact Amerisol Financial. We go the extra mile to make sure our loan approval process is quick and easy so you can get the money you need right away. We offer a variety of small business loan products, and we’d love to help you figure out which solution is the best for your startup.

Qualification Criteria

We have some qualification criteria you must meet to be approved for an SBA loan. Primarily, we’ll need to analyze your business cash flow and take a look at how effectively it is managed. We’ll also need to make sure you meet our minimum credit profile qualifications. If you do, you’ll be able to receive financing with the following benefits:

  • Terms up to 15 years
  • Up to 80% financing
  • Competitive rates
  • Amortized loans
  • No balloon payments
  • No penalties for prepayments

If you want to quickly discover whether or not you qualify for a small business loan, let us know. We can help you complete a prequalification process that only takes a few minutes to submit.

Financing Options

Through our SBA loan products, you can finance equipment, real estate, and more. Borrowers often use the funds to help them cover trucking equipment, printing and binding machinery, and many other types of equipment they require to get their businesses up and going. Our financing programs are also commonly used to finance the following types of properties:

  • Single-purpose buildings
  • Veterinary practices
  • Nonconforming properties
  • Child care facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels and motels
  • Care repair shops and dealerships
  • Car washes

Whether you intend to use the funds you receive to purchase property, renovate an existing property or build, we’ll extend the financing you need as quickly as possible.

Get Started

Now is a great time to get your financing needs under control. To apply today for a small business loan, get in touch with us.